#1 Your Home is Already in Tip-Top Shape!
Let’s face it, with holiday parties and visitors popping by, your home is the cleanest its been all year and in perfect shape for photos!

 #2 Showings can be flexible.

Do you have company coming to visit? That’s okay. Technology has made scheduling showings easier than ever and we can even block out time when your guests are in town!

#3 Serious Buyers Are Out!

With dwindling temperatures, you can bet that the serious buyers are the only ones brave enough to be out viewing homes. 

#4 Its Tax Return Season. Otherwise known as “Adult Christmas” when some of the money we’ve given to Uncle Sam comes back to us in the form of a tax return. This gives buyers a few extra dollars in their pockets as they pay for inspections and appraisals, so its a a great time of year for them to be investing in a new home.

#5 The Sentimental Factor. Fresh off the holidays with decorations still intact, buyers can easily fall in love with a home picturing themselves in front of their very own Christmas tree in that same spot next year! 

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